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FRIDAYS and SATURDAYS are the usual live music nights, usually 3 band bills on Friday and 3-5 band bills on Saturdays.  We don’t usually put bills together so it’s a good idea to have a lineup together when enquiring about a night. 

We only book the month ahead unless it's a guaranteed pub-filling lineup.

We supply Door person, Security, PA and Engineer.

Deal is usually a $10/$5 door deal, see payment details below for more info.

WITH lack of load in access and storage space means sharing of gear where possible is a must, especially drum kits.

SUNDAYS are available for band bookings and are a door deal, however, we are usually closed so there is no regular crowd, the city is a ghost town and there are no buses.  So this is only worthwhile if you can definitely get 100+ punters in. 

MONDAYS are the Bootleg Sessions, usual format is 4 acts from 8-11:30pm, a mix of established and new acts. On occasion a band can host the night and put a line-up together. Current regular Bootlegs are hosted by Better Music on the 2nd Monday of the month and CBR DIY on the last Monday of the month.

TUESDAYS  Last Tuesday is Open Mic Comedy Night, other Tuesdays are available for bookings.

WEDNESDAY is also a live music night, especially suited to quieter acts, but no hard rules.

THURSDAYS are karaoke night.

Do not book another Canberra gig a good 2 weeks either side of this one in any form (at least run it by the venue first).


Since the pub expansion in November 2013, we are now charging a $10 (if you're here to see the band) / $5 (if you're just in for a drink or poor) cover charge on Fridays and Saturdays, we keep 30% (minimum $250) and provide door person, security, PA and operator.  NO PRESALES.

$10 only cover charges can be arranged for lineups that will definitely fill the pub at $10. $5 only cover charges are also possible if bands want to keep entry cheap.

Mondays and Wednesdays are free entry, payment is via a tip jar.  This can average anywhere between $100 - $700 (split amongst 4 acts)


Cash on night with invoice (with ABN or Hobby Dec.), if you forget to collect pay on night it may take months for pay to get processed. If you do forget to collect pay contact Fiete and pay will be processed via EFT


Fridays and Saturdays start at 9:30pm; 3 x 45 min sets or equivalent. Saturdays can have larger lineups starting earlier.

Sundays start 7:30ish to finish no later than 11.

Monday Bootlegs start 8pm sharp

Wednesdays start 8/8:30 depending on lineup

Sound Check: PA is setup hour before start, Line check just before start.


2 drinks per muso, capped at 30 drinks (if there’s more than 15 musos), free softdrinks




We do regular paid Facebook posts, submit gig listings to BMA (local street press) and many other local Canberra Press, publicise online through website and facebook, Print a monthly A3 gig guide poster that’s put up around town.


  1. Please post 10 x A3 posters to pub at least 2 weeks before the gig.
  2. Send through an e-poster and any other relevant digital media. Include a short bio and and blurb about the gig. 
  3. Create a Facebook event through your band page and make @the-phoenix a co host.



Address: 27 East Row Canberra 2601        Phone: 0472 721 761

Capacity: 119


Access: Best access is through the front via bus interchange but not strictly legal or else via rear alley (verity lane) off London Circuit

Access Times: Pub is open from 5pm (closed sundays), Gear left at own risk

Accommodation: None, Youth Hostel on Akuna st. is close and probably cheapest option.

Food: None

Stage: Small (3.5 x 3.2 meters)

PA minimum:Allen and Heath QU-16, 16 channels to desk, FOH 2 x Nexo PS15r2, 2 x LS-18, Nexo 4x4 Amp/Controller Foldback: 3 sends, 12 mics (beta 52, beta 58's, sm57's, sennheiser 904's), 4 DI's.

Dressing Rooms: None

Lighting Bars: None

Production Contact: Fiete Geier -

Notes: The Phoenix new room is not huge so you may be asked to turn down amps, please listen to the sound tech and bar staff . Do not book another Canberra gig a good 2 weeks either side of this one in any form. The Phoenix is an originals venue, if you play a dodgy cover you will have to buy the bar staff a round.